03/20/2020 supplier to Aspen Diagnostics Pvt., Ltd.

Updated on: 10/17/2020

📦 Shipment description: 115-044723-00 The Rbc Assembly For Bc6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 011-000203-00 Photoelec Optical Sensor 940Nm For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 041-031527-00 Bm50 Swab For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 051-001034-00 Bm10 Photo Connector Board Pcba For Cl960I/1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 041-023727-00 Probe Wash Device2 For Bc6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-033912-00 Piercing Needle For Bc6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-012523-00 100Ul Syringe For Bc6000/5180 (Part For Cell Counter) 023-001556-00 Laser Barcode Scan For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-018614-00 Lcm Chamber For Bc6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-049535-00 Bm50 Wash Buffer Tank Cap Assembly Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-053192-00 Peltier Cooler Bm50 For Cl960I (Part For Cellcounter) 051-002795-00 Bm50 Power Connect Board Pcba For Cl960I (Partfor Cell Counter) 801-3110-00092-00 Pierce Needle & Cleaner For Bc5800 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-010567-00 Sheath Filter Assembly(3201) For Bc6000/6800 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-032454-00 Substrate Pierce Needle Assembly For Cl960I/1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-039761-00 Sample Probe Assembly For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-050203-00 Opposite Optical Sensor Assembly, Left For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 033-000162-00 Vertical Anti-Strike Spring For Cl960I/1200I (For Cell Counter) 115-018574-00 Hgb Amp Module For Bc5000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-044690-00 Bm50 Waste Asambly Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-035431-00 3107Sd Card 8Gb (Soft) For Bc5800 (For Cell Counter) 801-3102-00003-00 10Ml Syringe (Fru) For Bc6000/5180/5000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-012523-00 100Ul Syringe For Bc5180/6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 801-3102-00028-00 Isoaltion Chamber Assembly(Fru) For Bc5180/5000/6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 033-000151-00 Finger Clamp Spring For Cl960I/1200I (For Cellcounter) 115-044939-00 Waste Container Assembly For Bc6000 (Part Forcell Counter) 801-3110-00086-00 Srv Assembly For Bc5800 (Part For Cell Counter) 033-000108-00 Spring Avoiding Strik For Cl960I/1200I (For Cell Counter) 115-045937-00 Lvmk Volve For 2 Ways With Long Wire For Bc6000 (For Cell Counter) 024-000992-00 Fan 12V 17.7Cfm 42Db 60*60*15Mm-100Mm For Cl960I (For Cell Counter) 115-049070-00 Fan Asm, Cool For Cl960I (For Cell Counter) 115-033289-00 2-Way Valve (Peizh) For Bc6000/Cl960I (For Cell Counter) 033-000161-00 Z Axle Sub-Weight Spring For Cl960I/1200I (Forcell Counter) 801-3102-00028-00 Isoaltion Chamber Assembly (Fru) For Bc5000/5180/6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 801-1805-00023-00 Isolation Chamber For Bc5800 (Part For Cell Counter) 801-3110-00047-00 Tube. Feb,0.040″X0.066″ For Bc5180/5800/6800 (For Counter Cell) 801-3110-00063-00 Tubing.3/32″X5/32″,S-50Hl For Bc5000/5180/5800/6000 (For Cell Counter) 801-3110-00052-00 Tube. Silicon 1/8″X1/4″X100Ft For Bc5180/5800 (For Counter Cell) 801-3110-00132-00 Tygon Tube 1/8″X1/16″(10Ft) For Bc5180/5000 (For Counter Cell) M90-100031- Tube.Ptfe, 1.7Mmidx2.55Mmod For Bc5800/6800 (For Counter Cell) 801-3110-00049-00 Tube.Tpu,2Mmx3.5Mm For Bc5180/5800/6800 (For Cell Counter) 115-050389-00 Bm50 Pump Assemblly For Cl960I (For Cell Counter) 041-024505-00 Medical Pot Fix Gear Shaft For Cl960I (For Cell Counter) M6G-020055- Tube. Tpu,1/8″Idx1/4″1/4″Od For Bc5000/5180/6000 (For Cell Counter) 3001-10-07069 Tubing.1/16″X1/8″, Nd-100-65, Tygon For Bc5000/5180/6000 (For Cell Counter) 801-Ba80-00169-00 Fan 12Vdc 60*60*25Mm 78Cfm 43Db(Fru) For Cl960I (For Cell Counter) 801-0030-00002-00 2-Way Valve (With Package) For Bc5800 (Forcell Counter) 801-3110-00051-00 Tube.Tygon, Id1/16″Xod1/8″ For Bc5000/5180/5800/6000 (For Cell Counter) 115-011660-00 Filter For Bc6000/5180/5800/6800 (For Cell Counter) 801-Ba80-00242-00 Reflective Photosensors Of Long Distance For Cl960I/1200I (For Cell Counter) 115-011404-00 2-Way Lvm Valve For Bc6000/5180 (For Cell Counter) 801-0030-00001-00 3-Way Valve(With Package) For Bc5800 (Forcell Counter) 801-3100-00105-00 Check Valve For Bc5800 (For Cell Counter) 115-033286-00 3-Way Valve(Peizh) For Bc6000/Cl960I (For Cellcounter) 082-000614-00 Tube.Pharmed,5/32″Odx1/32″Id For Bc6800 (For Cell Counter) 082-000108-00 Tube.M-87-D3 , 2Mmx3.5Mm , Av31X2103 For Bc5000/5180/6000 (For Cell Counter) M6G-020011- Tubing.Pharmed, 1/16″Odx1/8″Id For Bc5180/6000(For Counter Cell) M90-100071- Tubing.3/32″X5/32″,Nd-100-65,Tygon For Bc6800/5180 (For Counter Cell) 3100-20-41232 Waste Connector For Bc6000/5800 (For Cell Counter) 082-000710-00 Tube.Silicone,0.031″X0.197″ Tygon 3350 For Bc6000 (For Cell Counter) 0030-20-13339 Transit Tube For Bc6000/5180/5800/6800 (For Cell Counter) 047-021328-00 Cushion For Conducting Heat For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) M6G-020006- Tubing. Silicone, 1/16″X3/16″, Tygon For Bc6000/6800 (For Counter Cell) 115-016951-00 Waste Cap Assm (S Regent) For Bc5800 (Part Forcell Counter) 115-015675-00 Lvm Valve Assembly For Bc5000 (Part For Cell Counter) 801-3201-00030-00 Hgb Module For Bc6800 (Part For Cell Counter) 082-002841-00 Waste Probe For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 051-001373-00 Bm10 First Finger Empty Photo Pcba For Cl960I/1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-050204-00 Opposite Optical Sensor Assembly, Right For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-035780-00 Waste Liquid And Vacuum Pump Assembly For Cl1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 801-2105-00030-00 Swithc 250V 13A For Cl960I (Part For Cellcounter) 009-002204-00 Wire Of Optical Switch(S) For Cl960I/1200I (For Cell Counter) 0040-10-32308 Connector For Bc5800/6000 (For Cell Counter) 022-000303-00 12V/300W Ac-Dc Power Supply For Cl960I (For Cell Counter) 022-000302-00 Ac-Dc Power Supply (24V/300W) For Cl960I (Forcell Counter) M90-100026- Nylon Plug(Located At The Reagent Inlet) For Cl960I (Part For Cell Counter) 041-006857-00 Ring For Proof Spurt For Bc5180 (Part For Cellcounter) 115-038415-00 Bm50 Machine Adjustment Fixture Kit For Cl960I(For Cell Counter) 041-026334-00 Ring For Proof Blood Spurt 2 For Bc6000 (Partfor Cell Counter) 051-000565-00 Liquid Position Detect Board For Bc6000/5800/6800 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-044305-00 Left Side Valve Assembly 3 For Bc6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-045938-00 Lvmk Volve For 3 Ways With Long Wire For Bc6000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-013092-00 Diluent Cap Assm For Bc5180 (Part For Cell Counter) 801-3201-00052-00 M-68D Cap Assembly For Bc6000/6800/5000 (Part For Cell Counter) 115-039684-00 1Ml Selfmade Syringe For Cl960I (Part For Cellcounter) 024-000145-00 Proximity Sensors For Cl960I/1200I (For Cellcounter) 051-001001-00 Bm10 Double Photo Connector Board Pcba For Cl960I/1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 041-004625-00 Bear Guide For Cl960I/1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 0010-10-12408 Inline Filter Tubing For Bc5000/6000/5180/5800(For Cell Counter) 0040-10-32301 Tubing Ptfe,0.040″X0.066″ Forbc6800/6000/5180/5800(For Cell Counter) 801-0105-00034-34-00 3-Way Valve Tubing (1.6*3.2) Bc5180/6000 (For Cell Counter) 047-018132-00 Thermal Conducting Strip For Cl960I (Part Forcell Counter) 082-000314-00 Tube.Nd-100-65,1/8″X1/4″,Tygon For Bc5800/6000(For Cell Counter) 115-039515-00 Sensor Temperature Maintenance Kit For Cl960I(Part For Cell Counter) 115-015130-00 The Three Port Asm For Block Up Test For Cl960I/1200I (Part For Cell Counter) 115-049586-00 200Ul Substrate Pump For Cl960I (Part For Cellcounter)
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🏋️ Shipment weight (kg): –
Shipment value, USD: 21406.0221406.02
To: Aspen Diagnostics Pvt., Ltd.
Buyer: Aspen Diagnostics Pvt., Ltd.
Buyer’s business partners: Aspen Diagnostics Pvt., Ltd. top 10 suppliers by shipment count. Sign up to use a filter
Buyer’s address: not available
Supplier country:
Supplier revenue: –
Supplier trade roles: –
Supplier SIC Codes:
Supplier SCAC:
Supplier shipment origin: China
Supplier destination: India
Port of lading: N/A
Port of lading country:
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE:
Port of unlading: Mumbai (ex Bombay)
Port of unlading country:
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: INBOM
Transport method:
HS Code: 3917.39.90 3926.90.99 4016.93.20 4016.99.90 7320.90.90 8413.60.90 8414.59.90 8421.29.00 8481.80.90 8483.10.99 8504.40.10 8536.50.90 8544.49.99 9027.90.90 9032.90.00 9033.00.00
Volume (TEU):

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