04/14/2020 supplier to Wipro Ge Healthcare Pvt., Ltd.

Updated on: 11/09/2020

Shipment description: 2106570-019 038 52 430Sileage Mask Reusable Size 1 15Mm Connection (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2096534-102 Patient Tube Adult Reusable Silicone 1.5M (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) M1225141 Bezel Upper Mgas S5 Cbl Mgt Spectrout (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1001-3834-000 Hose Assy O2 Iso Wht Mk3 Probe Nist N G 5M Long (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1001-3835-000 Hose Assy N2O Iso Blue Mk3 Probe N G 5M Long (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1500-3376-000 Adaptor 5 Pack 30Mm 19Mm Agss Disposable (Foraisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2082006-001 O2 Cell Optional Assembly (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2105488-004 010 623Lrge Swively Piece Adult Reusable Smapling Port Box Of 10 (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1407-7004-000 Abs Absorbent Canister Reusable (For Aisys Cs2Ventilator System ) 2105488-005 010 607Rge Abs Bag Arm Connector Reusable Box Of10 (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1100-9032-000 Aladin2 Sev Quik Fil (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilatorsystem ) 1011-9050-000 Aisys Cs2 (Medical Equipment ) 8004463 Exhaust Line With Colder Fitting 18Cm 7In (For Aisyscs2 Ventilator System ) 2096534-104 Y Piece Connector Kit Pediatric Reusable Silicone Pkg Of 10 (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2089610-001-S Flow Sensor Legacy Var Orf Bcg Service (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2096534-103 Patient Tube Pediatric Reusable Silicone 1.5M (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1001-3836-000 Hose Assy Air Iso Blkwht Mk3 Probe Nist N G 5Mlong (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) M1182629 D Fend Pro Water Trap Dark Steel Blue Box Of 10 Pcs(For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2106570-020 038 52 420Sileage Mask Reusable Size 2 22Mm Connection (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 1100-9025-000 Aladin2 Des Saf Fil (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilatorsystem ) 73386-Hel Airway Elbow Adapter Disposable Pkg Of 10 Pcs (Foraisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2097307-002 Gas Sampling Line Disposable Pvc Pe 3M 10Ft 10 Pkg (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System ) 2106570-001 600 040 005Eage Manual Bag 0.5L Reusbale 22Mm Cuff (For Aisys Cs2 Ventilator System )
Shipment weight (kg):
Shipment value, USD: 17330.0717330.07
To: Wipro Ge Healthcare Pvt., Ltd.
Buyer: Wipro Ge Healthcare Pvt., Ltd.
Buyer city URL:
Buyer State URL:
Buyer country URL:
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Buyer industry: Healthcare Equipment and Supplies
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Buyer SIC codes:
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Supplier SIC Codes:
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Supplier shipment origin: United States
Supplier destination: India
Port of lading: CHICAGO
Port of lading country:
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE:
Port of unlading: Bangalore
Port of unlading country:
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: INBLR
Transport method:
HS Code: 8414.20.20 8421.39.90 8421.99.00 9018.90.41
Volume (TEU):

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