03/18/2020 supplier to Philips India Ltd.

Updated on: 10/20/2020

πŸ“¦ Shipment description: 453561684534: Transducer S4-2 Honda Rohs (Ap) (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: China) 459800106682: Dmc-16 Fru Kit (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: China) 453561874391: Kit Encoder Knob And Cap (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Germany) 453561709632: Tgc Pcb Assy (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Germany) 459800538491: Slim Dvd-Rw For T3600 (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: China) 459800369922: Hp Mouse 2 Button Scroll Laser Usb (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: China) 453566503142: Fan Tube Axial (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Taiwan) 453561616298: Transducer C5-1 Compact Rohs (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: United States) 459800855551: Fru Cable Assy 1.5T 8Ch Phc Hrh (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: United States) 452209006542: Gradiient Filter (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Macedonia) 452213307691: Ae Proj Replacement Lamp 300W Uhp (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Norway) 453566496941: Relay 24Vdc Plugin W/Cover (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: United States) 453567557061: Cable Alden Pl500 8 Pin, Pl900 Plug (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Mexico) 459801578321: Gefen Dvi Cable (1.8M) With Label (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Netherlands) 452213303173: C78X Power Module (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: United States) 453561186431: Power Supply Class B Envisor (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Canada) 453561655587: Horizontal Control Panel Fru (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Germany) 453561473244: Pcb Assy Morpheus Power Board (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Singapore) 453561874401: Kit Tgc Knobs (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: Germany) 453561176747: Transducer S5-1 (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: United States) 459800328171: Mech Endstop Buffers (Parts For Medical Equipment) (C.O.O: China)
πŸ‹οΈ Shipment weight (kg): –
Shipment value, USD: 27875.8827875.88
To: Philips India Ltd.
Buyer: Philips India Ltd.
πŸ™οΈ Buyer city: Kolkata

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Buyer State: West Bengal

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Buyer country: India

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Buyer’s address: not available
Buyer postal code: 700020
Buyer industry: Healthcare Equipment and Supplies
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Supplier country:
Supplier revenue: –
Supplier trade roles: –
Supplier SIC Codes:
Supplier SCAC:
Supplier shipment origin: China
Supplier destination: India
Port of lading: N/A
Port of lading country:
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE:
Port of unlading: Mumbai (ex Bombay)
Port of unlading country:
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: INBOM
Transport method:
HS Code: 4016.99.60 8414.59.90 8471.60.60 8471.70.70 8504.40.90 8536.49.00 8537.10.00 8539.32.30 8543.70.99 8544.42.99 9018.12.90 9022.90.90
Volume (TEU):

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