03/18/2020 supplier to Bhagwn Mahavir Medical Research Centre

Updated on: 10/20/2020

πŸ“¦ Shipment description: Fox P3 Buffer Sel Pe Anti-Human Cd226 (Dnam-1) Antibody Brilliant Violet 421 Anti-Human Cd360(Il-21R) Antibody Percp/Cyanine5,5 Anti-Human Cd197 ( Ccr7 )Antibody Pe/Cy7 Anti-Human Cd94 Antibody Rnaase/Dnase Free Water Brilliant Violet 510 Anti-Human Cd223 ( Lag-3) Antibody Pe Anti-Human Tigit Antibody Apc/Cy7 Anti-Human Cd64 Antibody Apc Anti-Human Cd192 ( Ccr2) Antibody Apc/Cyanine7 Anti-Human Cd183 ( Cxcr3) Antibody Apc/Cyanine7 Anti-Human Cd134 Antibody Fitc Ccr7 Pe/Cy7,Cxcr6 Brilliant Violet 510 Anti-Mouse/Human Klrg1 (Mafa)Antibody Percp Anti-Human Cd45Ra Antibody Percp/Cyanine5,5 Anti-Human Cd366 ( Tim3 ) Antibody Percp/Cy5.5 Anti-Human Cd158 Antibody Brilliant Violet 421 Anti-Human Cd152 ( Ctla-4) Antibody Human Serum Culture Grade Apc Anti-Human Cd25 Antibody Pe/Cy7 Anti-Human Cd62L Antibody Pe/Cy7 Anti-Human Cd279 (Pd-1 ) Antibody Pe/Cy5 Anti-Human Cd25 Itaq Universal Sybr Green Supermix-5Ml Iscript Reverse Transcriptiopn Supermix For Rt-Qpcr-100 Reactions Caspase-3,Inos,Arg1,Foxp3,Ii13,Tlr4,Il15 Fitc Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit Fitc Anti-Human Cd14 Pe/Cy5 Anti-Human Cd16 Apc Anti-Human Cd56 ( Ncam) Antibody Anti-Siglec-14-Apc Human Percp Anti-Human Cd14 Anibody Fitc Anti-Human Foxp3 Fitc Anti-Human Cd3 Antibody Pe/Cy7 Anti-Human Cd14 Pe Anti-Human Cd120A Fitc Anti-Human Cd274 ( B7-H1,Pd-L1) Antibody Percp Mouse Anti-Human Cd3 Pe Mouse Anti-Human Cd16 Alexa Fluon 700 Anti-Human Cd158E1 Antibody Brilliant Violet 510 Anti-Human Cd158E1 Antibody Fitc Anti-Human Cd11C Antibody Pe/Cy7 Anti-Human Hla-Dr Antibody Brilliant Violet 510 Anti-Human Cd115 Antibody Brilliant Violet 421 Anti-Human Cd15 Antibody Pe Anti-Human Cd56 (Ncam ) Apc Anti-Human Cd45 Pe/Cy5 Anti-Human Cd19 Dna Oligonucleotide Primers ( Siglec-14,Siglec 5,Zfp36,Gbp1,Ces1,Eif-32,U2Af,Hspa5,Wars ) Nk Cell Isolation Kit,Human Cd14 Microbeads,Human Anti-Siglec-14-Biotin,Human Pe Mouse Anti-Human Cd27 Pe Anti-Human Cd8 Apcanti-Human Cd45Ro Pe Anti-Human Foxp3 Antibody Ls Columns Fitc Anti-Human Cd3 Antibody Apc Mouse Anti-Human Cd56 Brilliant Violet 421 Anti-Human Cd69 Antibody Antiseptic Lowelette Fitc Anti-Human Cd4 Antibody Pe Anti-Human Cd360 (Il-21R) Antibody Pe Anti-Human Cd8 Apc Anti-Human Cd4 Pe Anti-Human Cd16 Percp Anti-Human Cd14 Antibody Brilliant Violet 510 Anti-Human Cd45Ra Antibody Brilliant Violet 510 Anti-Human Cd197 ( Ccr7 ) Antibody Pe/Cy7 Anti-Human Cd85) (Ilt2) Antibody Apc/Cyanine7 Anti-Human Cd16 Antibody Cryo-Babies,0.94X0.5,White ,On Rolls Apc/Cyanine7 Anti-Human Cd185 ( Cxcr5)Antibody Pe Anti-Human Cd27 Antibody Thermo Scientific Cryoware Permanent Markers And Pens Neubauer Ruled Hemocylometer 93 Well Pcr Plates Percp/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Human Hla-Dr Antibody Macs Multistand
πŸ‹οΈ Shipment weight (kg): –
Shipment value, USD: 24.3224.32
To: Bhagwn Mahavir Medical Research Centre
Buyer: Bhagwn Mahavir Medical Research Centre
πŸ™οΈ Buyer city: Hyderabad

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Buyer State: Telangana

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Buyer country: India

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Buyer’s address: 10-1-1 Mahavir Marg
Buyer postal code: 500004
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Supplier country:
Supplier revenue: –
Supplier trade roles: –
Supplier SIC Codes:
Supplier SCAC:
Supplier shipment origin: United States
Supplier destination: India
Port of lading: N/A
Port of lading country:
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE:
Port of unlading: Hyderabad
Port of unlading country:
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: INHYD
Transport method:
HS Code: 2934.99.90 3002.90.90 3006.50.00 3822.00.90 3926.90.99 4821.90.90 7017.90.10 7326.90.99 9608.20.00
Volume (TEU):

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