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Shipment on 03/28/2020 from supplier to Olympus Medical Systems

Updated on: 10/12/2020

Shipment description: Frame, Delta Trigger (Q0200281) (Mech-10609) (3 Nos) Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gage With Waveform Verification(U8200541) (38D Lp-X-P-Mt-E-E N) (S/N:203593902) (1 Nos) Normal Incidence Shear Wave Replaceable Delay Line Transducer, (U8415018) (M2091) (S/N:1259273) (1 Nos) Delay 1/4″ Dia Poly &Special Threaded Delay (U8770061) (Dlh-134) (2 Nos) Vanta C Series Handheld Xrf Analyzer (Q0201160) (Vca-Ccx-A3-P) (S/N:820375) (1 Nos) Vanta C Series Handheld Xrf Analyzer (Q0202985) (Vcw-Xxx-Cc-P-Sp182) (S/N:805943) (1 Nos) Mylar Circles 2.5 Diam (1000) Each (U8990883) (100153) (1 Nos) A068 -100154 Soil Cups (100 Each) (U8991066) (Xconsumable) (1 Nos) Standard Delay. Polystyrene 1/4 In. Diameter,10 Microseconddelay(0.45In Long), (U8770054) (Dlh-1) (10 Nos) Dual Transducer, 4 Mhz, 3.5 Mm X 10 Mm Element Si2E, Atlas Series (U8550030) (Dl4R-3.5X10) (S/N:1260901,1260909,1260915) Window, Prolene. 6 Micrometer, Delta (U8990460) (102999) (1Nos) Dual Transducer, 5 Mhz, 0.434 In. Tip Diameter, Straight Microdot Connector, (U8450009) (D790-Sm) (S/N:1250211) (1 Nos) Standard Polystyrene Delay. 1/8 In. Diameter,5 Microsecond Delay, (U8770069) (Dlh-3) (10 Nos) Shear Wave Couplant. 2 Oz. Tube. (Q7700010) (Swc-2) (1 Nos) Protected Face Transducer, 2 Mhz, 24 Mm (U8443006) (Pf2R-24)(S/N:1255736) (1 Nos) Dual Thru Coat Transducer, 5.0 Mhz, 0.434 In. Tip Diameter,Straight Microdot (U8450005) (D7906-Sm) (S/N:1253306,1253318 Vanta C Series Handheld Xrf Analyzer (Q0200978) (Vcr-Xxx-A3-P) (S/N:805819) (1 Nos) Dual Transducer, 5 Mhz, 0.434 In. Tip Diameter, Right Angle(Ub450021) (D799) (S/N:1242170) (1 Nos) 4.0 Um Prolene Circles (2.5″ Dia) (1000) Each (U8990856) (103216) (1 Nos) Cable Det-Dpp Sig Neg Dlt (U8023402) (Cbas-10361) (1 Nos) Cable. Standard Lemo To Microdot. 6 Ft.Rg-174 (U8800349) (Lcm-74-6) (2 Nos) Dual Molded Lemo 00 To Microdot Cable, 5 Ft, For Use With The D790-Sm (U8800353) (Lcmd-316-5B) (1 Nos) Cable Flat Flex 30 Cond 0.5Mm Pitch 76Mm (U8908035) (Crib-10007-0076) (1 Nos) Rohs Plus Calibration For Vanta C Series, (Q0200559) (Method-R4-Vca) (1 Nos) Cable, Special, Fcc Au, 9 Conductor (Q9900045) (10-009775-00) (1 Nos) Cable, Ffc,16Cond 1X25Mm Shld (U8998736) (100255) (1 Nos) Optional Oxide Software. This Software Also Includes High Resolution Measurement (U8147014) (38Dlp-Oxide) (1 Nos) Fan Optional For Vanta Analyzers. (Q0200524) (Fan-V) (1 Nos) Dual Molded Lemo 00 To Microdot Cable, 5 Ft, For Use With The D7906-Sm (U8800358) (Lcmd-316-5L) (3 Nos) 111156 – Spring, Comp, .25O.D., .563Fl Pn: 111156 (U8991187)(Xconsumable) (1 Nos) Optional Vanta Cooling Fan – Sold As Accessory After Initialunit Purchase (Q0201563) (Fan-V-Acc) (1 Nos) Thickness Reference Standard; 5 Step Aluminum 2024-T3 (Q2500968) (Trs-5-11A-2024T3) (1 Nos) Dual Thru Coat Transducer, 7.5 Mhz, 0.283 In. Tip Diameter,(U8450006) (D7908) (S/N:1260926,1260928,1260929) (3 Nos) Docking Station Pogo Cover 8Pin (Q0201757) (Assy-10493) (1 Nos) Delay Line Transducer, 20 Mhz, 0.25 In.Element Diameter, (U8415002) (M2017) (S/N:1257447) (1 Nos)
Shipment weight (kg):
Shipment value, USD: 40863.70442
To: Olympus Medical Systems
Buyer: Olympus Medical Systems
๐Ÿ™๏ธ Buyer city: Gurugram

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Buyer State: Haryana

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Buyer country: India

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Buyer’s address:
Buyer postal code: 122002
Buyer full address: 104 A,B,C, First Floor, Time Tower, Mg Road, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India
Buyer industry:
Buyer trading role:
Buyer SIC codes:
Export manager:
Sales manager:
Marketing manager:
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Supplier SIC Codes:
Supplier SCAC:
Supplier shipment origin: United States
Supplier destination: India
Port of lading: Boston
Port of lading country:
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE:
Port of unlading: Mumbai (ex Bombay)
Port of unlading country: India
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: INBOM
Transport method:
HS Code: 3926.90.99 7320.90.90 8414.59.90 8523.80.20 8544.20.90 8544.42.20 8544.49.99 9022.19.00 9022.90.90 9031.90.00
Volume (TEU):

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