06/06/2020 Ever Leading International, Inc. to O.E.I.Intl, Inc.

Updated on: 09/17/2020

📦 Shipment description: Kn95 (Non Medical Face Masks) Kn95 (Non Medical Face Masks) Account Name Sunbay Supplies Llc .
📦 Shipment summary: Analyze ✀ shipment description, value (USD total). Filter 4 shipments from supplier in Shenzhen (204 total) and 3 shipments from buyer in San Gabriel (6 total)
🏋️ Shipment weight (kg): 190
Shipment value, USD: –
from: Ever Leading International, Inc.
To: O.E.I.Intl, Inc.
Buyer: O.E.I.Intl, Inc.
🏙️ Buyer city: San Gabriel
Buyer State: California
Buyer country: United States
Buyer’s business partners: O.E.I.Intl, Inc. top 10 suppliers by shipment count. Sign up to use a filter
Buyer’s address: 840 Commercial Avenue
Buyer postal code: 91776
Buyer industry: Construction and Engineering
Buyer trading role: Logistics
Buyer SIC codes: 4731
Supplier: Ever Leading International, Inc.
Supplier’s business partners: Ever Leading International, Inc. top 10 buyers by shipment count. Sign up to use a filter
Supplier state: Guangdong
🏙️ Supplier city: Shenzhen
Supplier country: China
Supplier full address: Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Supplier revenue: –
Supplier trade roles: –
Supplier SIC Codes:
Supplier SCAC: EGLV – Evergreen Line
Supplier shipment origin: China
Supplier destination: United States
Port of lading: Yantian Pt (CN)
Port of lading country: China
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE: CNYTN
Port of unlading: Commerce/Los Angeles (US)
Port of unlading country:
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: USCRC
Transport method:
HS Code: 6307.9
Volume (TEU): 1

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