Shipment on 03/27/2020 from Becton Dickinson &, Ltd. to buyer

Updated on: 10/13/2020

Shipment description: Medical Supplies Tube Edta Plc 13X75 3.0 Plbl Lav Tube Urin Plh 13X100 6.0 Ua Plbl Cr Sharps Coll Wall Cabinet Pud 3.2Qt Holder Standard Yellow 10Pk Ez Scrub Foamer 4 Percent Chg Tip Cap Enteral Syringes Sterile Needle 30Ga 1In Needle 26Ga 1/2In Needle 19Ga 1-1/2In Tw Sb H1000 16G X 1 Sharps Coll 19Gal Red Syringe Oral 3Ml Clear Sterile Insyte Autog Bc Global Pnk 20Ga X 1. Insyte Autog Bc Global Grn 18Ga X 1. Insyte Autoguard Yel 24Ga X .75In Insyte Autoguard Bl 22Ga X 1.0In Insyte Autoguard Pnk 20Ga X 1.16In Insyte Autoguard Gn 18Ga X 1.16In Insyte Autoguard Gray 16Ga X 1.16In Nexiva 20Ga 1.00In Hf Y Nexiva Diffusics 24G X 0.75 In Global Nexiva Diffusics 22G X 1.00 In Global Q-Syte Closed Luer Acces Dev Needle Spinal S/Su 25Ga 11N Quincke Needle Spinal S/Su 27Ga 3-1/2In Whita Needle Sp S/Su 25Ga Tw 3-1/2In Whita Needle Spinal S/Su 26Ga 3-1/2In Ouinc Needle Spinal S/Su 25Ga 3-1/2In Ouinc Needle Spinal S/Su 22Ga 3-1/2In Ouinc Needle Spinal S/Su 20Ga 3-1/2In Ouinc Needle Spinal S/Su 18Ga 3-1/2In Ouinc Ocean Freight, Isps Pod & Thc Collect. Any Additional Charges Should Be Prepaid (Harmonized Code: 901831) Or Software Were Exported From With The Export Administration To U.S. Law Prohibited.
Shipment weight (kg): 9083
Shipment value, USD:
from: Becton Dickinson &, Ltd.
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Supplier: Becton Dickinson &, Ltd.
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Supplier state: North Carolina

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Supplier address: 130 Four Oaks Parkway
πŸ™οΈ Supplier city: Four Oaks

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Supplier post code: 27524
Supplier country: United States

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Supplier full address: 130 Four Oaks Pkwy, Four Oaks, Nc 27524, Usa
Supplier industry: Healthcare Equipment and Supplies
Supplier revenue:
Supplier trade roles:
Supplier SIC Codes:
Supplier SCAC: MSCU – Msc Mediterranean Shipping Company S A
Supplier shipment origin: United States
Supplier destination: Colombia
Port of lading: Norfolk (US)
Port of lading country: United States
Port of Lading UN/LOCODE: USORF
Port of unlading: Cartagena (CO)
Port of unlading country: Colombia
Port of Unlading UN/LOCODE: COCTG
Transport method: Maritime
HS Code: 9018.31 9506.91
Volume (TEU): 2

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