Sales platform for pharmaceutical companies

Automate pharmaceutical product sourcing. Teams use Pharmaceutical Bank to organize their product inquiries and offers via Excel spreadsheet and Google sheets.

Built for sales teams to maximize productivity!

Source up to 1,000 products in 1 minute

Manage all product requests straight from your excel spreadsheet or Google sheets. Don’t spend time on product uploads, list creation, or hard to learn platforms. We guarantee a seamless interface. 
Connect with new suppliers and buyers based on products they are requesting and shipping now.

Platform for "suppliers"

Find new customers right away. Take a look at the shipment details to identify potential buyers.

Platform for "buyers"

Easily find new suppliers by searching for specific products. Instant shipment results for any product type or packaging.

Developed for "monitoring competitors"

Our platform can help you identify suppliers, connect with new customers, and learn about your competitors’ supply chain.

Real Supplier and buyer activity

Increase your market share, get business information in your hands!

Source new pharmaceutical products

Managing real-time data in an effective way.

Analyze the trade relationship

Investigate your competitors’ and customers’ trading partners. Search and filter by city, by state or by country.

We compare all real-time shipment requests with historical shipments data from the bill of lading of over 40 markets.

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Historic Pharmaceutical shipments activity

Get information about product deals that interest you

Analyze trade relationship

Pharmaceutical Bank delivers additional information about products and lets you investigate your competitors’ and customers’ trading partners.

Get access to database

Access details of different pharmaceutical companies

Source new pharmaceutical products

Our Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that is right for your business. A simple, flexible pricing plan for every pharmaceutical and medical wholesale company.