Powerful sourcing tool

Automate product sourcing

Teams use Pharmaceutical Bank to organize their product inquiries and offers via Excel spreadsheet and Google sheets.
How to source pharma products

Source up to 1,000 products in 1 minute

Manage all product requests straight from your Google sheets. Don’t spend time on product uploads, export/imports list creation, or hard to learn platforms. We guarantee a seamless interface.

What’s included: Connect with new suppliers and buyers based on products they are requesting and shipping now.

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Platform for suppliers

Find new customers right away. Upload product list into a spreadsheet and your product list will be distributed to thousands of buyers

Platform for buyers

Easily find new suppliers by searching for specific products.

Access 1,000+ companies

Each day we are adding new companies. All companies go through the verification process.

Stop emailing

Receive email ONLY when your product finds buyer or seller

Pharmaceutical Bank is useful for you if you are...


A distributor or pharmaceutical company

Find new buyers for your products

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A buyer

A supplier


Easy setup and configuration

onboarding steps

Set up in 3 easy steps

Never hit “Update” again

All your changes are automatically saved as you type.

Get to your source list, anytime

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