Pharmaceutical Bank is buying

Pharmaceutical Bank is buying Open Pharma health tech website to become the largest provider of pharmaceutical online tools for wholesalers. For its part, Pharmaceutical Bank sees an opportunity to build a broader wholesaler ecosystem by combining Open Pharma’s platform with its existing pharmaceutical promotion products- Dainis Kanopa CEO of Pharmaceutical Bank.

COVID 19 Vaccines vs. Variants

Covid 19 Vaccines vs. Variants

While the numbers are staggering as to the number of global cases and global deaths, it seems as though the numbers are starting to come down. In the United States daily new cases have dropped precipitously, as have the daily new deaths you can see. For instance, in California daily, new cases continue to fall […]

Covid-19: Moderna vaccine

Covid 19 Moderna vaccine

Welcome to the COVID-19 update. We wrote about the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine last time; this time we’re going to talk about the Moderna vaccine. Cases are still going up in the United States, and the daily deaths are increasing in the United States as well. And in terms of total cases per million population, the top […]