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Description: We are seeking a product manager who drives the client’s satisfaction and growth of the revenue through his strategic relationships as a senior product manager in our sales. Planning and executing the product during its life of that product is the primary responsibility of the product manager.

Roles And Responsibilities Of The Product Manager
Expectations from the product manager are:

Explain the strategy and roadmap of the product.
Work with third parties to assess licensing opportunities and partnerships.
Perform a demo of the product to customers.
Run beta programs with samples and early-stage products.
Act like a leader.
Concerning competition, be an expert.
Set pricing to meet profitability goals.
Must propose an overall budget to ensure success.
Develop sales tools, messaging, and core positioning of the product.
We expect the following requirements from an expert product manager.

Minimum of 3 years experience as a product manager or a marketer.
Success definer and also launcher of the new products.
3+ years experience in the job in the SEO market.
Written and verbal communication skills must be outstanding.
Technical background, with maturity in SEO.
Excellent teamwork skills.
Should work at a conceptual level.
If you are ready to be a family member, apply online here. Also, please explain why we should hire you and mention your relevant experience related to this job.

We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Payroll: Monthly

Employment type: Contractor

Salary: USD 1500

Expires: 2023-01-31

Previous experience: 24 months

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