We provide flexible pricing options to support your pharmaceutical business.

Key Features

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Basic plan

$1,999/ year

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Pro plan

$4,999/ year

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Enterprise plan

$9,999/ year

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Shipments search

Search and filter over 3M shipments data.

Supplier search

Find top suppliers by product shipments.

Buyer search

Find top buyers by product shipments.

Suppliers & Buyers info

Discover new opportunities by seeing who does pharmaceutical business with your peers or competitors.

Daily data updates

Shipments list, supplier list, buyers lists is updated on daiy basis.

Customer support

24/7 FAQs & troubleshooting.

Monthly connections

It is like a Linkedin but for pharmaceutical market.

Email alerts

Receive email alerts anytime a new company matches your search criteria.

Excel, Google Sheets add-on

Receive all the sales data directly in your spreadsheet

Unlimited data export

(XLSX, XLS, and CSV)

Custom reports

Enterprise plan supports custom report creation provided by P.Bank support team.

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